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"Love is a bird in a fist: To hold it hides it, to look at it lets it go. It will twist loose if you lift so much as a finger.
It will stay if you cover it - stay but unknown and invisible. Eitheryou keep it forever with fist closed, Or let it fling..."


tell me with your eyes
how you think things will be
swarthy pools of swirled emotion
i want to stare at you
until i go blind
tell me...
linger and loiter
on every unspoken word
faces parallel
you are all I see.
help me escape
this bizarre silence

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you know all the right words
flirting with persuasion
bordering on confusion
you should sell tickets
i'm preoccupied
what will be your next

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deep whispering sapphire tides
ocean swept
misty winds
take my breath
sparkling air descends
along the shore
as waves jostle
the sandy seam once more

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One day
Time looked at me
with sad eyes
cognizant that we
could no longer be friends

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look at that...
i'm blushing
like a 12-year-old
your hand fumbles for mine
as we sit
in beautiful awkward silence
on the park bench
outside a closed store
pretending to read the signs
that deck the windows
temporary illiteracy
    i am with you

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Boycotting these problems
cipherous incertitudes of my persona
press against the sides of my head
    mind gyration.
these plights
these dilemmas are augmented
why do I do this?
quandaries of the acute sort
tossed aside...
sent to Coventry

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I must say
your guess-work becomes you.
prejudging supreme
    with a cherry on top
eat it up quick
you will get no more dessert here
Speculation a la mode
ever so lightly
    with sin.

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how do you hide your beautiful pain
your face clouded with mysteries
I have yet to behold
your eyes detain stories
that have yet to be told

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Enter the jester...
tainted the purity,
abolished lucidity
Exit good sense,
departure of faculty,
hateful liquid stupidity.
       Enter insanity.

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sad moonbeams in our eyes
wearing none a futile disguise
naked hearts,
with love’s burning brand
bewildered intensity belies

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Whose brainchild was love?
Undefinable oppression so beautiful
insatiable want,
notwithstanding acquiesce.
O how savoury to the palate.
Time's dagger plunges deep,
Yet kills not, if true.
the white flag of life
it alone so lustreless and vile
How sweet the surrender.

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Galileo could not annotate the
Constellations in our eyes
burnished of reverence
for what we've discovered
in the nebulae of our being.
You -
my super nova of elation
quasar of nirvana
messenger of all that is good.
A solar touch from you
launches my mind into orbit,
spinning as a jolly satellite
to erase the night's canvas.
Amidst your starry skies,
the moon polished, as it shines.

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I throw a look that you don't catch
and watch it drift past you, out the door
your mind is elsewhere, I can see
not on me, as I bitterly tear my napkin.
The moon shines for you,
you said with a steady glance,
that later waivers;
Your words true as fiction.
I wish the way you held your coffee
was the way you looked at me.
I can see you now,
shoplifting my happy Sunday.

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Who stole raindrops from the rooftops
and put them in my eyes?
Where shall I find a remedy
A cure for this disguise?

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I gulped with every
salt-water swallow, stinging
"one way to float is if you die,"
the drone in your voice spoke,
water whipping my skin
reflected the dare.
Tears no longer burned
but chuckles were like
a sunburn slap on my back,
and each wave like a stab.

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