ode to the ocean...
I think I am the only one who rushes to the beach in weather like this
Can't see 6 feet in front of me.
This is heaven ... really, it is.
Fog is a bit of heaven that has moved down to be a little closer to earth.

As I step out onto the sand,
I feel like I've stepped into an envelope of time

I'm alone ... no one else is silly enough to be here, but me.
What a beautifully bizarre feeling....
        like I'm queen of the shore line.
Mistress of my sand castle
O subjects,
Crown me with a star fish.

All that's audible are the sandpipers and the seagulls ...
Sandpiper is getting louder. I hear wings beating.
Now it's diving at me, Swooping.
Must be too close to it's nest, but I can't even see it.
Guess I should head closer to the water's edge.
I can't help it. I like walking close to the water....where sand looks glassy there.
Makes you feel like you're walking on water.
Hmmm...my sneakers are wet. Think I'll move up a bit.
There goes a little piping plover, running with it's two little legs like propellers.
Peeping loudly
Shhh .... It's okay. I won't hurt you.

Ah ... think I can almost see the sand dunes now...
The dunes are covered by the fog
all I can see are their tips.
I think they look like little mountains from this distance,
peeking out from under their blankets.
I wonder...
             Who tucks them in at night?

This cooling haze....the air is beautiful and clean
Like freshly-cut cucumber....
"sweet atomized mist" as my good friend so aptly describes it
And it revives, as it fills my lungs

Reaching  the end of my walk, I turn to look at the shore once more.
I pluck a few wild raspberries growing alongside the weathered board walk.
[Whoo...that one wasn't ripe enough!]

Tell me......
How does one leave such a place?
I want to stay
To see the tides change the shoreline...
smoothing the rough rocks over a time
To leave this place behind will be like leaving a bit of myself.
Like when a honey bee stings, leaving its stinger behind.
Silly comparison,
but fitting.


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