haikus & senryus
Haiku is a Japanese verse form that relies on brevity and simplicity to convey its message. It is usually three lines of five, seven, and five syllables, and frequently includes natural images or themes. It is believed to have been first written in the seventeenth century and is based on a Zen Buddhist philosophy of simplicity and the idea of perfection that excludes the extraneous.
Senryus are haikus related to social issues/comedic topics...not nature.

The following are my attempts at both (in no particular order):

Sheen golden stretches
gossamer flecks glistening
the sky is on fire

Life, engineered like
transcendental poetry
with no set rhythm.

Mankind's brevity
Hidden within life's small span
Cuts corners of time

"We can overthrow
this meagre city called Love,"
so claimed Age to Time.

Man, brainchild of love
embodies fragility
with a dash of strength

Weapon with whiskers
fat Felix Dominicus
commandeers my couch.

Recipe for love:
a cup of hugs and kisses
and a smiling heart

dying stick men, like
some psychoneurotic art 
I can't interpret

he can't find his niche
in society today
so claims the drunk man

Hungry eyes beg for
benevolent charities.
Forgo a coffee?

"I'm not related
to the genus of the poor"
chortled the rich fool.

petals of chaste white
taste golden honey rays with
gossamer fingers

In fields of flowers
I am drunk with dense fragrance
beautiful stupor

Hunger unfed, Greed.
Motives, bitter to the taste.
Hate is invented.

how I marvel at
true love's persistence in time
keeps ticking onward

As life's vigor fades
Desire for it increases
Sobering thought, no?


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